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Business account customers

Changing a User’s Role

  1. Sign in to your Fire Business Account.
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings’.

  1. Click ‘User Management’.
  2. Select the user whose role you wish to change (for this example we will use Tester Two).

  1. Click ‘Actions’.

  1. Choose ‘Edit User Role’.

  1. From the dropdown select the user’s new role.
  2. Click ‘Confirm Role Change’.

  1. An approval request will be sent to the ‘firework for business’ app, instructing you to authorise the user role change (only the Administrator making the change will receive this request).
  2. Tap ‘Approve’.

  1. In your Business Web Account, refresh the ‘User Management’ section.
  2. The user’s role is updated.
  3. A notification is sent to any other Administrator’s on your account to inform them of the change.

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