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Fire provides access to a range of payment services, including accounts, bank transfers, debit cards, FX, and open banking payments.

With our platform and licences, we deliver solutions that automate payment processing and make reconciliation easier, more cost-effective and secure.

The complete solution for integrated payments.

We work with tech-focused startups, scaleups, corporate businesses, and some of Europe’s largest financial institutions. We deliver highly integrated, high volume payment processes and embedded services that bring innovation and payments automation to reality.

Payments and accounts

Automate your payouts, split payments, reconciliations, and incoming payments efficiently with Fire’s API, tailored for high volume payments!

Our solution enables seamless integration of internal business systems or applications directly to accounts and cards through an API-first account, featuring event-driven webhooks and read/write services.

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FX and international transfers 

Instantly transfer funds between your Fire Euro and Sterling Accounts, in real time, 24/7, all year round! Transfer funds to your international partners with access to 14 available currencies.

Enjoy faster set-up times and competitive exchange rates by leveraging local payment rails.

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Debit cards

Easily roll out new accounts and cards.

We’ve got everything you need to quickly access high volumes of dual-currency digital accounts and debit cards with all the features of a premium business service – and much more. 

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Open banking payments

Use the Fire Payments API to access the very latest in digital accounts and payments.

Included are powerful new features like Open Banking that enables account-based payments to be requested and received online, on mobile or by QR code. 

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Integration and automation

The Fire Payments API enables you to integrate our payment services with your applications and backend systems. Automate payouts, streamline payment collections, and maintain control of funds and user activity.

The Fire Payments API

Why businesses choose Fire


From payments and accounts, bank transfers, debit cards, and FX to open banking payments, Fire provides access to multiple payment services via a single integration.

We develop our own tech and use our own licences to deliver our services.


We are a team with decades of payment expertise and experience.

We believe in change and are committed to making payments more accessible, safe and transparent. We aim to be at the forefront of innovation and participate in numerous industry groups.


We are a customer-centric organisation committed to ensuring all our clients achieve their ambitions. We strive to deliver optimal outcomes by engaging in an open and transparent way.

Our service value helps us build a culture of being customer-first.

Your Fire feature checklist

We are not a bank. We provide payment services. We do not offer credit (loans) or overdrafts, nor do we pay interest on funds held in a Fire account. We do not support cash deposits or cheques.

We provide a range of payment services with the following features:


  • Faster Payments (£)
  • Bacs (£)
  • SEPA (€)
  • SEPA instant (€) (Coming 2025)
  • Open banking payments (€ and £)
  • Direct debits (€ and £)
  • FX transfers (€ and £)
  • International payouts (12 additional currencies)
  • Debit cards (online, in-store, ATM)
  • Internal transfers (real-time)

Integration and setup

  • Online application
  • Multiple euro and sterling accounts
  • Multiple cards
  • Role-based access for multiple users
  • Multi-user authorisation
  • Fire Payments API (read/write)
  • Event-driven webhooks
  • Automated payouts
  • Access via web and mobile
  • Accounting software compatibility

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